Attijariwafa bank’s business units and brands


At the centre of our strategy is our universal banking model, as well as the resulting synergies. Comprising a retail bank for individuals and professionals, a private bank, corporate and investment banking, insurance and more, we build upon the complementarity of our business lines to support a diverse client base and contribute to national economic development and the development of the countries in which we operate.



The first 100% mobile bank, dedicated to clients both young and old, L’bankalik represents a new generation of online banking products and services, offering customers a smooth, intuitive and innovative digital banking experience.

Dar Al Moukawil

To better support entrepreneurs and project leaders, Attijariwafa bank created Dar Al Moukawil.Through a network of dedicated centres and the platform, small businesses gain free access to a wide range of advantages. Whether you’re operational or still in the planning stage, whether you’re one of our clients or not, you can benefit from daily training sessions, networking with potential customers and partners, and a wealth of useful information and tailor-made advice.



Launched in partnership with leading players in the field of electronic payment means and services, including Morocco’s centres for interbank monetary policy (CMI) and mobile commerce (MTC), Fawatir connects billers, administrations and other companies with physical points of sale to allow them to collect receivables, taxes and cash transactions in a simpler, more secure way.

This service is ideal for organisations looking to diversify their collection channels, points of sale that want to expand their services, and anyone who would prefer to pay their invoices or taxes in cash. The Fawatir brand boasts a large network of over 2,160 points of sale throughout Morocco.

Through the combination of our business lines and our international dimension, we offer our clients a complete range of innovative banking solutions. Today, we are the partner of choice for our customers and a major player contributing to responsible and sustainable growth.



Private and business customers

We strive to meet the expectations of our retail and business customers, by developing a strategy of diverse and innovative offers in the Retail Banking sector. Our approach is based on being close to our customers and paying particular attention to customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Moroccan residents abroad

We are attuned to our Moroccan and, on a wider scale, African customers, whether individuals, professionals or companies, residing abroad. We pay particular attention to them by providing banking, banking-related and financial products and services adapted to their specific needs.


Business clients

Conscious of the place occupied by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises at the heart of the Moroccan economy, Attijariwafa bank strives to support them as best as possible, through a tailor-made and continually improving offer of services. We also fulfil the role of a funding facilitator, which is essential for the emergence and development of micro-enterprises and SMEs in Morocco.


Corporate and institutional clients

Attijariwafa bank has established itself as the main interlocutor for corporations and institutions in terms of project financing. All the necessary systems are in place to allow global support for these clients in terms of both consulting (foreign investment, project financing, financial engineering, etc.) and dedicated products and services (leasing, UCITS, insurance, etc.).


Private banking

Our Private Bank arm is the national leader in the private client sector. From everyday banking to wealth management, we strive to continually offer new solutions to meet the specific expectations of our clients, whose needs may include advice as well as financial, tax or even legal services.

At Attijariwafa bank, we have developed a comprehensive banking offer and specific expertise through Speciality Finance Companies. Today, these business lines are leaders in their markets.



Attijari Factoring

As a company dedicated to factoring, Attijari Factoring is a leader in its market, enabling its clients to focus on their core business by safeguarding them against the risk of unpaid invoices through the management of their debt collection operations.


Attijari Finances Corp.

As the national and regional leader in corporate finance, Attijari Finances Corp. provides its clients with global expertise in merger and acquisition consulting, primary stock activities (Equity Capital Markets) and private debt (Debt Capital Markets). Attijari Finance Corp. plays an active role in supporting South-South investment and in the emergence of dynamic local financial markets.


Attijari Global Research

Attijari Global Research’s objective is to provide Multi-Asset and Multi-Zone coverage related to macroeconomics, interest rates, foreign exchange, equities, commodities and the development of allocation strategies in Morocco, WAEMU, CEMAC, Egypt and Tunisia.


Attijari Intermediation

As a subsidiary of the Attijariwafa bank group, Attijari Intermédiation is a stockbroking firm that focuses on three core activities: stock market intermediation, placement and analysis and research. Attijari Intermédiation is the undisputed leader in stock market intermediation in Morocco and strengthens, year after year, its position with local and foreign institutions, and with private clients.


Attijari International bank

Founded in 1994 in Tangier, Attijari International bank (AIB) - offshore bank is a subsidiary of the Attijariwafa bank group. It aims to support the promotion of the foreign investment movement that led to the creation of a free export zone in Tangier.


Attijari Invest

Attijari Invest is a key player in private equity in Morocco. Its role is to offer investors investment opportunities combining financial profitability and optimal risk management. Organised into three divisions – Real Estate, Private Equity and Infrastructure – Attijari Invest offers companies specific financing solutions and assistance in setting up transparent and efficient organisational and management plans.


Attijari Titrisation

In operation since 2016, Attijari Titrisation specialises in the management of collective securitisation funds. It offers companies innovative financing solutions and offers premium products to investors, combining quality, liquidity and simplicity.


Bank Assafa

Based on the specific expertise of alternative banking and an increasingly extensive network covering the main localities of Morocco, Bank Assafa offers its clients participatory products and services.


Wafa Assurance

A national leader in the insurance sector, Wafa Assurance provides individuals, professionals and businesses with comprehensive and innovative coverage services to ensure optimal protection, including pension plans, retirement plans, medical coverage and protection against property damage.


Wafa Bourse

Wafa Bourse is the leading online stock market, through its digital platform
which allows every user to create and manage a virtual portfolio of securities for free. Wafa Bourse has also created the first mobile application in Morocco enabling users to carry out stock transactions from their smartphones in real time.


Wafa Courtage

A brokerage firm specialising in intermediation and insurance consulting across all sectors, Wafa Courtage offers a wide range of products, specific solutions and tailor-made support to meet all of its customers’ needs.


Wafa Gestion

Backed by two leading international shareholders, Attijariwafa bank (66%) and Amundi (34%), Wafa Gestion is the leader in the collective management of savings in terms of its size, its multi-expertise approach, and the unique transfer of know-how that operates with Amundi. Wafa Gestion offers three ranges of UCITS for three client categories: corporate customers, personal and business clients, and private clients.


Wafa IMA Assistance

Wafa IMA Assistance is an insurance company specialising in assistance. It assists policyholders around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its main areas of intervention are automobile assistance, medical assistance and funeral assistance.


Wafa Immobilier

Real estate specialist Wafa Immobilier is involved in several phases of real estate projects, including acquisition, construction, planning and real estate development. It offers financing solutions tailored to each project and according to the needs of each client.


Wafa LLD

With a fleet of 5,738 vehicles, Wafa LLD is the leader in the long-term leasing market in Morocco. Always attentive to its customers’ needs, it supports them in the management of their automobile fleet via targeted services that meet their expectations. Wafa LLD also offers its customers used vehicles for hire and sale.



As the leader in international money transfers and joint-leader of national transfers, Wafacash relies on its vast distribution network to offer its customers a range of diversified products and services. This offer helps to strengthen the financial inclusion of low-income individuals.



As the leader in international money transfers and joint-leader of national transfers, Wafacash relies on its vast distribution network to offer its customers a range of diversified products and services. This offer helps to strengthen the financial inclusion of low-income individuals.



As a subsidiary specialising in consumer credit, Wafasalaf provides clients with tailored, innovative and responsible financing solutions that anticipate the evolution of consumer habits, including personal loans, car loans and household equipment loans.


Attijari Payment Processing

The Group's electronic payment subsidiary, Attijari Payment Processing ensures the development of Payment solutions coveringthe entire value chain: from issuance to acquisition, from e-paymentto prepaid, including processing.
To succeed in its mission, Attijari Payment Processing relies both ona robust technological base, a permanent search for innovation andon its teams of experts.

Our wide presence in 25 countries is a testimony to our global dimension. In Africa and Europe, all of our international operations benefit from the high quality of our values, our expertise and our knowledge of the markets in which we operate.



Attijari bank Mauritanie

Attijari bank Mauritanie builds upon its expertise and 30 banking branches across the country to offer its customers innovative banking solutions. It is also committed to the country’s economic development and regional integration.


Attijari bank Tunisie

With 207 branches and business centres spread throughout the country, Attijari bank Tunisie is a key player in the Tunisian banking sector. Its specialised subsidiaries cover all financial professions and offer a wide range of banking products and services dedicated to individuals, professionals and businesses.


Attijariwafa bank Egypt

The acquisition of 100% of Barclays Bank Egypt’s capital in 2017 enabled Attijariwafa bank to expand its international network into Africa’s third largest economy with a population of 92 million inhabitants and to expand into a banking market with prospects for sustained growth. Attijariwafa bank Egypt is based in Cairo and has a staff of 1,500 employees and a network of 56 branches located in 18 Egyptian cities. An ambitious strategic plan for Attijariwafa bank Egypt has been implemented, aimed at significantly strengthening its position in the Egyptian market, while maximising the synergies of our company. Additionally, this operation paves the way for our growth in the Middle East and East Africa.


Attijariwafa bank Europe

For Africans residing in Europe, Attijariwafa bank offers money transfer solutions, savings and insurance products and supports them in the management of their bank accounts on a day-to-day basis. The bank has worked to support the African diaspora in their banking activities, beginning in their country of residence, by providing them with a wide range of products and services aligned with their needs, while ensuring coordination with their bank in their country of origin. Furthermore, Attijariwafa bank Europe is present alongside Western exporters, traders and investors with a flow of business to the Maghreb or sub-Saharan Africa. It supports them by providing products that secure their flows and putting them in touch with the customers of their subsidiaries to help them reach their sales potential.


Banque Internationale pour le Mali

With 73 branches, Banque Internationale pour le Mali is the leading banking network in Mali and the number one bank for Malians living abroad. BIM meets all of its customers’ needs with a wide range of financial solutions and innovative banking services.


BIA Togo

The Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique au Togo (BIA Togo) has been a subsidiary of the Moroccan Attijariwafa bank group since 2013. It is a key player in the Togolese banking sector and provides its clients with a wide range of banking products and services.


CBAO Benin

As a branch of CBAO Sénégal, founded in 2015, CBAO Bénin offers a full range of banking products and services for all categories of clientele, both retail and corporate. It has also established itself in the Beninese banking market through the financing of several local projects.


CBAO Burkina Faso

As a branch of CBAO Sénégal since 2011, CBAO Burkina Faso provides a comprehensive and integrated banking offer that meets the needs of its varied clientele. It is present in several sectors, including leasing, insurance banking, real estate and money transfers.


CBAO Niger

As a subsidiary of CBAO Sénégal founded in 2013, CBAO Niger is today a key player in the Nigerian banking sector. Its activities span several of the Group’s core activities. It is the leader in the e-money sector and plays an active role in financing the Nigerian economy by supporting the SME sector.


CBAO Sénégal

With its foundation firmly rooted in Africa, CBAO Sénégal has a wide network of 94 branches throughout the country, including two business centres and three branches in Burkina Faso, Niger and Benin. Its offer covers all of the bank’s businesses and is tailored to the needs of its retail, professional, corporate and institutional clients.


Crédit du Congo

With the largest fleet of ATMs, Crédit du Congo (CDCO) is the second largest bank in the country. It offers its clients, whether individuals, professionals or businesses, a range of banking and financial services in the Corporate Banking and Retail Banking sectors.


Crédit du Sénégal

As a subsidiary of the Group since 2008, Crédit du Sénégal has eight branches, making it a local bank offering a wide range of products and services. It operates in two business lines: Retail Banking - Individuals & Professionals and Corporate Banking. Commercial and technological innovation is at the centre of its development strategy.


Société Ivoirienne de Banque

With solid expertise developed across all of the bank’s core activities and associated specialised sectors, the Société Ivoirienne de Banque has been at the service of its clients for over half a century, providing them with a wide range of banking solutions adapted to all their needs.


Société commerciale de Banque Cameroun

With a large network of bank branches, covering the entire country of Cameroon, SCB offers a diversified range of banking products and services to meet the needs of its retail, business and investor clients. It plays an important role in Cameroon’s economic landscape by supporting public and private development projects.


Union Gabonaise de Banque

The Union Gabonaise de Banque (UGB) has been a subsidiary of the Attijariwafa bank group since 2009. With a universal banking model and a wide network of branches, UGB is firmly established in the Gabonese banking landscape.