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Wafa Bourse is a brokerage company exclusively dedicated to the online stock market, based on an innovative, user-friendly and highly secure platform that allows registered clients, individuals and legal entities, to:

-Access a wide range of financial information including trading quotes and order books for transferable securities and a wealth of analysis and research tools for better decision-making.

- Buy and sell shares and subscribe to IPOs, and also manage portfolios, shares or UCITS, valued in real time.

The company provides all customer categories with products designed especially to enable their savings to grow with ease, via www.wafabourse.com.

Aware of the growing importance of customer mobility, Wafa Bourse offers its customers the first mobile application dedicated to the online stock market in Morocco. Available to download on the Android and iOS stores, it enables customers to stay up-to-date with market changes and to seize opportunities via their smartphone, wherever they are.

+ 6,5%

evolution of the customer base at the end of 2018


market share at the end of 2018

1 113

assets under management at the end of 2018

The core objective of Wafa Bourse is to democratize and simplify management of savings for as many people as possible.

Secure access to your account allows you to conduct transactions in real time on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, subscribe to IPOs or invest in the highest-performing SICAV and mutual funds on the market.

The intuitive Wafa Bourse website also provides access to financial information, listed share prices and several stock indexes, allowing real-time monitoring of financial market developments.

Additionally, Wafa Bourse provides its clients with publications from the Attijariwafa bank’s Analysis & Research department, as well as a number of recommendations and support tools, allowing them to manage their savings effectively independently.

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