The Attijariwafa bank Foundation


For more than 40 years, the Attijariwafa bank Foundation has been striving for education and entrepreneurship, the promotion of art and culture, the debate of ideas, the promotion of intellectual output and the support of associations.

It’s committed to helping young people stay in school, succeed in their studies and excel in everything they do. And it actively contributes to promoting a true culture of dialogue and intellectual curiosity.

Additionally, the Foundation works tirelessly for the democratisation of access to art and culture, while supporting numerous projects aimed at improving society.

Through the realisation of multiple key innovative projects, the Foundation has developed a recognised know-how in all the areas in which it intervenes.

What’s more, the Attijariwafa bank Foundation has established a skills-based sponsorship and volunteer programme that allows the Group’s employees to show their support as concerned citizens and get involved in the same actions.

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Preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s world


The Attijariwafa bank Foundation fights to reduce student-dropout rates while supporting projects that contribute to the continuous education of Moroccan citizens, especially among the more modest social classes. Through key partnerships, it conducts multiple programmes aimed at improving and modernising teaching, and encouraging the pursuit of higher education. It also promotes excellence and entrepreneurship among young people.

Art & Culture


Since its creation in 1987, the Attijariwafa bank Foundation has promoted the knowledge of modern and contemporary art among the general public, while contributing to the artistic education of young people and to the stimulation of creativity among artists of various levels. The Foundation organises thematic heritage and contemporary exhibitions anchored in the Group's values.

Debating ideas and promoting intellectual output


The Attijariwafa bank Foundation regularly organises meetings open to all citizens to discuss economic, social, societal and intellectual topics. Additionally, it supports various national and global events, thus promoting the sharing of ideas and influence at the international level.

Bakkali Hassani Lamia

Education & Entrepreneurship

Kaoutar Salmy

Edition & debates


Art & culture