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As the leader of Morocco’s banking and financial sector, Attijariwafa bank is positioned as the number one player on a continental scale. Our approach combines financial performance and sustainable growth with a commitment to anticipating and meeting the needs of our customers.
The bank’s ambitious development policy is based on the valorisation of its human capital, which is at the core of its strategy.

Four reasons to join Attijariwafa bank

By joining Attijariwafa bank, you will have the opportunity to evolve within an environment conducive to developing skills and advancing your career. We cultivate leadership through the strength of our Human Capital, which is at the heart of our value system.
Enriched by its diversified expertise, Attijariwafa bank offers its employees a framework that promotes adaptability, flexibility and the acquisition of new skills. Excellence is valued through a transparent performance management policy that complies with international standards.

At Attijariwafa bank, we encourage all innovative initiatives and enable our employees to use their talents in an environment that supports creativity.
By joining Attijariwafa bank, you will be part of a growing pan-African multinational with an ambitious strategic vision. We offer our employees development opportunities in Morocco and beyond through our various subsidiaries in Africa.

We’ve selected five strong values ​​to define our corporate culture: Leadership, Ethics, Commitment, Solidarity and Citizenship.
These values ​​inspire the bank's strategic approach, feed into its ethical principles and form its identity. They unite all employees and ensure cohesion within teams.

Career management is extremely important to Attijariwafa bank. Equal opportunities in all businesses, opportunities for internal mobility, preparing delegation and succession plans, continually detecting high-potential executives and monitoring their evolution: these are all are major factors when it comes to managing careers. As such, we anticipate the development of the bank and enable each employee to be actively involved in their own career, by identifying and targeting their prospects for progression.

We promote diversity and equal opportunities. Our strategy is based on transparency and respect for ethical values. We place responsible finance at the heart of our development policy, and are committed to sustainable growth and meeting the challenges of sustainable development.


Join us

At Attijariwafa bank, we believe in your talent and your ability to make a difference. Are you motivated and ready to give it your all? With us, you’ll be able to increase your potential, find job satisfaction and reach your professional goals. Our aim is to develop our employees’ skills by giving them the utmost importance. As we are fully aware of the value our people bring to us at Attijariwafa bank, we are committed to supporting them on their path to success.