Attijari West Africa (AWA)


A company governed by Ivory Coast law, AWA is a financial company which holds interest in the Attijariwafa bank Group in subsidiaries operating in the UEOMA subregion. It is responsible for supervising 5 bank subsidiaries established in Ivory Coast (SIB), Senegal (CBAO and Crédit du Sénégal), Mali (BIM) and Togo (BIA), as well as 3 branches based in Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger.

AWA is a SA (société anonyme [corporation]) with a share capital of 249,363,660,000 CFA Franc having its headquarters in Abidjan at Boulevard de la République, Immeuble Alpha 2000, 01 BP 1300 Abidjan 01.

Head office