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As the French banking subsidiary of the Attijariwafa bank group, founded in January 2006, Attijariwafa bank Europe contributes both to establishing the company as the ideal partner for Maghreb and West African communities residing in Europe and to supporting business exchanges between European companies and companies in North and West Africa.

Attijariwafa bank Europe has 73 branches and representative offices in eight European countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, England and the Netherlands.





20 years

of experience supporting 500 European and international businesses

Attijariwafa bank Europe provides its clients with a complete range of products and services covering two lines of business:

Immigrant banking
For African citizens living in Europe, Attijariwafa bank offers solutions for transferring money, as well as savings and insurance products and support in managing bank accounts on a daily basis. Its innovative approach and continual development of the services it provides is part of its aim to always respond to new needs and to take into account the consumer habits of its customers. By concluding partnerships with credit, assistance and other institutions, Attijariwafa bank Europe offers its clients a comprehensive and attractive service. For example, partnerships have been signed with CACF in France, Agos in Italy, Alpha Crédit in Belgium and Crédit Plus in Germany, enabling its customers to benefit from favourable lending rates.

Corporate banking
Attijariwafa bank Europe is present alongside Western exporters, traders and investors with a flow of business to the Maghreb or sub-Saharan Africa. We support them by offering products to secure their flows and connect them with the customers of their subsidiaries, in order to help them to fulfil their sales potential. In addition to this, the bank acts as a correspondent bank in its coverage area, and manages relations with African banks whether they are part of, or external to, the Group, enabling us to be aware of operations from their outset. As such, we in a position to confirm these operations with the issuing banks.


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