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As the insurance subsidiary of Attijariwafa bank, Wafa Assurance occupies the leading position in its sector in Morocco. In line with upholding its fundamental values of leadership, ethics and quality of service, Wafa Assurance pursues the joint goals of broadening the coverage system for individuals and, more generally, of contributing to the modernisation of the insurance industry in Morocco.

Wafa Assurance has established itself as a leading operator by placing innovation and customer satisfaction at the heart of its product development strategy. This approach is founded on the strengthening of its employee social policy to establish effective teams that are fully involved in the company's challenges.


points of sale



8,37 billion MAD

in revenue in 2018

At Wafa Assurance, we’re constantly progressing in the field of prevention. That’s because we believe an insurer’s responsibility should go beyond just paying claims, and actually work to prevent disasters from happening in the first place. To help companies reduce risks, we offer a personalised support programme administered by teams of prevention engineers.

The 2018 Oufouq plan, initiated by Wafa Assurance in early 2016, aims to strengthen the leadership of Wafa Assurance in the Moroccan market. This plan outlines our strategic direction, as well as our objectives in terms of development and growth. It also presents a major asset in our development strategy in Africa by addressing each market with an adapted approach, thus ensuring scalability in our current countries of operation (Tunisia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon) while investing in new economically attractive areas. Both innovative and synergistic with Attijariwafa bank at the Group level, the Oufouq 2018 plan expresses its approach through the slogan “C’est simple d’être efficace”, which means “Being effective is easy”.


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