Terms of use


Terms of use

You have just logged onto the Website www.attijariwafabank.com published by Attijariwafa bank.

The Website www.attijariwafabank.com is the exclusive property of Attijariwafa bank.

1. Introduction
The company Attijariwafa bank is a limited company with a board of directors with a capital of 2,151,408,390 DHS registered on the commercial register under the number 333, whose head office is 2, Boulevard Moulay Youssef, Casablanca 20000, whose legal representative is Mohamed El Kettani, Chief Executive Officer.
Attijariwafa bank is a Moroccan credit institution approved under the Minister of Finance and Privatisation Order No. 2269-03 dated 27 Chaoual 1424, 22 December 2003 as amended and supplemented.
Attijariwafa bank publishes the Website accessible at www.attijariwafabank.com.
The managing editor is: Mme Saloua BENMEHREZ : Executive Director in Charge of Communication.
The Attijariwafa bank Website is hosted by:: Attijariwafa bank sise 2, Boulevard Moulay Youssef, Casablanca 20000 with the Moroccan hosting company NPONE SARL located at 2 rue Lakari, Casablanca Maroc 20000, Datacenter Aeropole Nouaceur.
The Bank reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions without notice.
The User acknowledges that the use of the Website requires compliance with all the requirements of uses defined herein, and therefore acknowledges having the skills and means necessary to access and use this Website.

2. Definitions
Each term beginning below with a capital letter has the meaning given to it in the definition in this article.
"Terms of Use" or "Terms and Conditions" means this document.
"Website": refers to the institutional Website of Attijariwafa bank accessible at www.attijariwafabank.com.
"User": means any person using the Website.
"The Bank" means Attijariwafa bank s.a, its subsidiaries and holdings within the meaning of Law No. 17-95 relating to public limited companies.

3. Purpose of the Website
The www.attijariwafabank.com Website is a presentation site, which aims to provide information on the Bank.
The User acknowledges having been informed that the Website is provided on the basis of a "state-of-the-art" service and is accessible according to its availability, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except in the event of force majeure, computer difficulties, difficulties related to telecommunication networks or other technical difficulties.
For maintenance reasons, Attijariwafa bank may interrupt access to the Website and will endeavour to notify users beforehand. The Bank cannot be held responsible for the inability to access this Website.

4. Enforceability
The Bank reserves the right to make any modifications it deems necessary and useful to the present General Conditions, and the possibility of modifying all or part of the contract in order to adapt it, in particular, to changes in its operations, and/or changes in legislation.
These Terms and Conditions are enforceable during the entire period of use of the Website and until new terms and conditions of use supersede these.
The Bank will communicate to the User the new terms and conditions of use by any means, from their date of entry into force.

5. Access to the Website
Access to the Website is free, excluding Internet Service Providers and excluding the cost of telephone calls that are billed directly by operators.
The User is informed that the Website is provided on the basis of a standardised service and accessible according to its availability, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except in the event of force majeure, computer difficulties, difficulties related to telecommunications networks or other technical difficulties, without this list being exhaustive. The Bank reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to temporarily or permanently suspend access to the Website to update, modify or change operational methods, servers and hours of accessibility, without this list being exhaustive.
It is therefore the User’s responsibility to ensure their IT resources are compatible with changes to the Website. The Bank cannot be held responsible for an inability to access the Website.
The Bank reserves the right to deny access to any User if it finds facts that suggest the fraudulent use or attempted fraudulent use of its Website or that the User has violated any of the rules of navigation, and informs the User immediately, by any means at its convenience, which is expressly accepted by the User.
Finally, access to the products and services described on this Website may moreover be subject to restrictions in respect of certain persons or in certain countries. None of the goods or services presented here may be provided by the Bank to a person if the law of their country of origin, or any other country which concerns them, prohibits it. The User is requested to ensure that they are legally authorised to connect to the Bank’s Website in the country from which the connection is established.

6. Security
The Website is an automated data-processing system. Any fraudulent access, particularly to the personal spaces it contains, is prohibited and penalised.
The Bank makes its best efforts, in accordance with best practice, to secure the Website but, given the complexity of the Internet, it cannot ensure absolute security.
The User declares that they accept the characteristics and limits of the Internet and, in particular, they acknowledge that they are aware of the nature of the Internet network, and in particular, its technical performance and response time to consult, examine or transfer data.
The User is aware that data circulating on the Internet is not necessarily protected, particularly against possible misappropriation.
The User agrees to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software from contamination by possible viruses on the Internet network.

7. Liability
The User agrees to use the Website and the information to which they have access only under the conditions defined by the Bank.
The pages and simulations that the User consults are purely informative. The Bank takes great care to update all data on the Website and endeavours to use only reliable sources.
Due to the rapid evolution and complexity of the subjects covered, the Bank provides no guarantee as to the accuracy and completeness of the information presented on the Website.
As such, the Bank rejects all liability in the case of direct or indirect damage resulting from the access to, and consultation and use of, information, data and publications appearing on the Website.
The applicability of the information featured on the Website depends on each particular case. The information is not a substitute for advice or assistance in specific situations. The User is entirely responsible for the choice of information they consult and the consequences their use of such information. Furthermore, the User agrees to (i) not hinder other users’ use of the Website nor access the accounts of third parties, (ii) not commit any act that may jeopardise the IT security of the Bank or other users or visitors, (iii) not interfere or interrupt the normal operation of the Website.
The User shall refrain from modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, broadcasting, transmitting, utilising commercially and/or distributing in any way the services, the pages of the Website, or the computer codes of the elements composing the services and the Website.
The Bank endeavours to carry out, in accordance with best industry practice, transactions requested by the User through the Website. The Bank shall not be held liable for any disruption to Website use.
The Bank shall neither be held liable nor responsible in the case of temporary or total unavailability of access to all or part of the Website, difficulty related to the response time, or, more generally, any performance failure.
The Bank shall not be held liable for breaches of computer security, which may cause damage to the User’s computer equipment and data. The Bank shall not be held liable for the violation of these Terms and Conditions by another user. The Bank shall not be held liable for damages indirectly resulting from the use of the Website. The User may be made liable by the Bank for any action taken against it, or any complaint filed against it, by a third party, due to the use of the Website by the User under conditions that do not comply with the General Conditions. This liability covers any amount that the Bank would be required to pay in any capacity, including recognised or pronounced lawyer’s fees and court fees, within a reasonable limit. The use of the Website is not accompanied by any guarantee whatsoever. The Bank shall neither be held liable nor responsible if any collection or transmission of personal data, installation of cookies or any other process with the same purpose is carried out by Websites to which hypertext links lead from the Website. The Bank shall not be held liable for any use that may be made of financial information and data relating to the financial instruments held by the User and the consequences that may result, in particular to any decision taken on the basis of the information contained on the Website. The Bank reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate to prevent or stop infringement of its copyrights or the copyrights of third parties, without any liability being attributed to it as a result.

8. Intellectual property
These Terms and Conditions do not imply any assignment of any kind of intellectual property rights to items owned by The Bank for the benefit of the User.
The Website, brands, illustrations, models, images, texts, photos, logos, graphics, software, search engines, databases and domain names, without this list being exhaustive, are the exclusive property of the Bank.
Any reproduction and/or representation, whether total or partial, of one of these rights, without the explicit authorisation of the Bank, is prohibited and would constitute an infringement likely to engage the civil and criminal liability of the counterfeiter.
Consequently, the User shall refrain from any act or action that may directly or indirectly infringe the intellectual property rights of the Bank.
This right of use includes the right to reproduce for storage for the purpose of representation on a single screen and reproduction for printing on paper. Any network distribution or rebroadcasting, in any form, even partial, is prohibited. This right is personal and is reserved for the exclusive use of the User. It is not transmissible in any way.
The User therefore agrees to:

  • only download Website content to their computer for personal use and for a limited time
  • only print on paper pages downloaded from the Website provided that these copies are strictly limited to personal use.

The User undertakes not to copy, reproduce, alter, modify, create derivative works or disclose to the public all or part of the content of the Website without the prior written consent of the Bank or the third parties concerned.


9. Cookies
The User is informed that, when visiting the Website, cookies may be automatically installed on their browser and be temporarily stored in the memory of their hard drive. A cookie is an element that does not identify the User but is used to record information relating to their browsing of the Website. This information is used to optimise the security of the Website and to provide optimal service. As such, cookies are used to:

  • Manage personal settings when the User connects to the secure Website;
  • Record information on the User’s browsing of the Website to direct their browsing to the most appropriate content;
  • Measure the number of visits to the Website;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of our internal promotional campaigns.


Under no circumstances are cookies intended to use personal information about the individuals connected to the Website.
The User acknowledges that they have been informed of this practice and expressly authorise, without objection or reservation, the Bank to use it.
However, the Bank draws the attention of Users and Internet users to the fact that, if their computer browsing software is configured to refuse Cookies, access to certain services may be altered or even denied.


10. Hypertext links
The Bank shall not be held liable for hypertext links to other Websites, particularly with regards to the content of such sites. As the Bank is not the publisher of these Websites, it cannot have total control of their content.
Consequently, the Bank cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for the content of such Websites, particularly concerning their accuracy, timeliness, quality, completeness, relevance, illegality, advertising, products, services or any other material available on or from these Websites or external sources.
Neither shall the Bank be held liable for the possible collection and transmission of personal data, installation of cookies or any other process with the same aims, carried out by these sites.
The existence of a link from the Bank’s Website to another Website does not therefore constitute a recommendation or endorsement of this Website or its content. It is the User’s responsibility to use this information selectively and with a critical mind.
The Website User may not, under any circumstances, set up a hypertext link to another site, even if it is published in a personal capacity, including any social network site, without prior written authorisation from the Bank.


11. Personal data

11.1 Collection
Personal data collected by the Bank, as the data controller, via forms on the Website, is mainly processed and recorded for the following purposes: making appointments, internal management and customer relations management.
The Bank may ask users to provide personal information such as their first name, surname, contact details and email address in certain cases; this information may be subject to automated processing.
Such information is collected in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 09-08 of 18 February 2009 on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and is intended solely for the use of Attijariwafa bank, its subsidiaries and its providers, if any. Under no circumstances will it be made available to third parties.
As such, the User undertakes to provide only accurate and relevant information and will inform the Bank of any changes to this information.
The User expressly gives their consent for the personal data concerning them to be collected within this framework.
Users’ contact details are used solely to keep them well informed and, if necessary, to send them only information they wish to receive.
The User agrees that the personal data concerning them is communicated and shared for the same purposes between the Subsidiaries and the companies of the Attijariwafa bank Group as well as to its partners, subcontractors and service providers to the extent necessary for tasks entrusted to them to be fulfilled.
Furthermore, the User agrees to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information. In the event that the information provided is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, the Bank will take any measure it deems useful to suspend the User’s access to the Website.
The Bank implements all necessary means to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal data stored to prevent it from being destroyed, distorted,damaged or accessible to unauthorised third parties, in particular by raising the awareness of its employees to their obligations and the restriction of access according to the responsibilities of each employee, the use of secure computer systems and, if necessary, the use of encryption of certain data during storage and/or transmission.
The Bank undertakes to keep personal data for a period not exceeding that necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are collected or processed.
The Bank may be required to disclose any information concerning the User in order to comply with any law or regulation in force, or to respond to any judicial or administrative request.

11.2 Rights of the User:
In accordance with Law No. 09-08 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, the User has the right to access and rectify personal data concerning them, in accordance with articles 7 to 8 of the aforementioned Law No. 09-08. The User may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of personal data concerning them, unless collected under a law. This opposition may however result in the User being unable to access the Website. To exercise these rights, the User must respect the following procedure:

  • Write and sign the request and attach a photocopy of the User’s ID card;
  • Send the request to:

Attijariwafa bank
2, BD Moulay Youssef Casablanca
Tel : 05 22 29 88 88 / 05 22 22 41 69
This treatment is authorised by the CNDP under No. D-GC-243/2014

12. Sales prospecting
Sales prospecting by email is authorised if the recipient’s details have been collected in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 09-08 relative to the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data.
The User has the right to object, free of charge, to their data being used for such purposes.

13. Recommendation
To protect the confidential nature of their requests, the User is invited to take the appropriate measures, according to their own software, to either prevent the memorisation, on their personal computer, of the data consulted, or to proceed with the deletion of this once its consultation is over.
If the User imports data to management software, they shall ensure that access is prohibited to unauthorised third parties.
As such, the User takes sole responsibility for the risks of manipulation and use of their computer login by unauthorised third parties.
It is also the User’s responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect the data and/or software stored or loaded on their computer equipment from contamination by viruses or intrusion attempts.

14. In the event of force majeure
The Bank cannot be held responsible for the failure in performance of any of its obligations under this agreement, particularly in the following cases:

  • When failure in performance is due to an obstacle beyond its control;
  • When it could not reasonably have foreseen the obstacle or its effects or ability to carry out the contract at the time of its conclusion;
  • When it could not reasonably avoid or overcome this obstacle, or, at the very least, its effects.

An obstacle within the meaning of the preceding paragraph may result in particular from events such as the destruction of machinery or installations, boycotts, strikes or lockouts in any form whatsoever, the occupation of premises, work stoppages, failure to supply electricity, the failure of networks or transmission lines or the unavailability of systems, without this list being exhaustive.

15. Good faith
The parties agree to perform their obligations in good faith.

16. Titles
In the event of difficulties of interpretation resulting from a contradiction between any of the titles heading the clauses and any of the clauses, the titles will be declared non-existent.

17. Invalidity
If one or more stipulations of this contract are held invalid or declared as such under a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will retain all their force and reach.

18. Completeness
Contractual documents express the entirety of the obligations of the parties.

19. Agreement on evidence
Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions electronically has the same probative value between the parties as the paper agreement.
Digitised records kept on computer systems are kept in reasonable conditions of safety and considered as evidence of communications between the parties.

20. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This contract is governed by Moroccan law.
This applies to rules of substantive matters and procedure, notwithstanding the places in which fundamental or subsidiary obligations are performed.
Any dispute concerning the interpretation or the execution of these rules and procedures will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Casablanca.