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Wholly owned by Attijariwafa bank, Bank Assafa is a Moroccan banking institution specialising in participative finance. Founded in July 2017, it offers a range of ethical banking products, which are compliant with the Higher Council of Ulema guidelines. Among the participative banks, Bank Assafa has the widest network in Morocco, with 38 branches in 20 cities in Morocco.


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Bank Assafa has chosen five strong values ​​to unite its employees:

  • Trust (ATHIKA):Establish strong bonds of trust with partners, sharing the same universal values ​​and reassuring them in their choices and decisions.
  • Dedication (AL IKHLAS):A dedicated team for the satisfaction of the customers throughout every stage of their projects, backed by a solid commitment of quality and proximity.
  • Integrity (ASSIDK):Building relationships based on integrity and sincerity through relevant advice tailored to each financial situation with clarity.
  • Innovation (AL IBTIKAR):Constantly meeting the expectations of the most demanding partners by anticipating and proposing innovative solutions adapted to their current situation.
  • Clarity (ASSAFA): Opting for total clarity at every step and informing customers of all details with complete transparency.

On 2 January 2017, the Committee of Credit Institutions responded favourably to the requests made for the creation of five banks and three participative branches, including Bank Assafa. The presence of Dar Assafaa in the alternative finance market, since 2010, has allowed teams to develop business expertise and knowledge of the needs and aspirations of Moroccans.


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