Annual report and corporate social responsibility report 2017


A year in review

2017 was a year of strong growth for Attijariwafa bank Group. This was due to it consolidating Attijariwafa bank Egypt for the first time as well as a strong performance by each of the Group’s business segments, in line with ‘Energies 2020’, the strategic plan initiated in 2016

In Morocco, Attijariwafa bank successfully consolidated its position as the country’s leading deposit-taker and lender and initiated a number of strategic projects. The Group has acquired a reputation as the leading relationship-based bank for both retail and corporate customers, a beneficiary of Big Data exploitation and increased digitisation of processes and customer relations.

The efforts made in these areas are now enabling Attijariwafa bank to anticipate and meet the specific needs of each customer in a personalised way, while ensuring a superior quality of service with reduced processing costs and optimised risk management. Attijariwafa bank also bolstered its already-dominant position in digital banking considerably (accounting for 43% of its customers’ transactions, up 24.6 points compared to 2016) and electronic payments (28.3% market share, up 3.5 pts compared to 2016).


Such strong gains may be respectively explained by the extensive range of products accessible on Attijarinet and L’bankalik (e.g. the ability to open accounts, approve consumer loans and retail loans, pay invoices, make immediate Cash Express transfers, etc.) as well as an emphasis on increasing bank card usage and other electronic payment means.

It is worth noting that Attijariwafa bank has set up Agile platforms to be able to add new functionality on an ongoing basis. In doing so, it intends to meet the everchanging needs of its customers and make their experience as straightforward as possible.

The Group continued to promote financial inclusion, targeting persons on low incomes as well as supporting small businesses and SMEs with a range of services that are tailored to their needs. It also underlined its pioneering status in participatory finance in Morocco with Bank Assafa commencing operations in 15 Moroccan cities, leveraging Dar Assafa’s experience over the past 8 years.

As far as the Group’s business in Africa excluding Morocco was concerned, International Retail Banking (BDI) contributed almost one-third of net income Group share in 2017 versus only 23% in 2016. This increase was mainly due to Attijariwafa bank Egypt, consolidated for the first time in 2017, which saw remarkable growth its main performance indicators.

This growth underlines the considerable development potential of the Egyptian market, both in terms of size and profitability; Attijariwafa bank Group intends to leverage this opportunity by means of an ambitious strategic plan for Attijariwafa bank Egypt, which aims to significantly bolster its position in the Egyptian market while maximising Group synergies.

It is also worth noting that the Group’s presence in Egypt offers a real opportunity for developing business relations with Middle Eastern countries.

CSR performance of the Attijariwafa bank group in 2017


As a firm believer in the creation of shared value, Attijariwafa bank takes its environmental and societal commitments seriously. Our ambition is to create value for all of our stakeholders and for society as a whole.

Strong performance in 2017


Attijariwafa bank ended 2017 with solid growth, driven by the first consolidation of Attijariwafa bank Egypt as well as the achievements of the Group's various divisions.

2017 achievements of the Attijariwafa bank Foundation


In 2017, our Foundation was active in leading multiple key solidarity initiatives with the aim of promoting education and entrepreneurship, art and culture, intellectual property, and an open debate of ideas, as well as to support associations dedicated to high-impact initiatives.

The Attijariwafa bank in 2017


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