Attijariwafa bank: the history of a hundred-year-old group


The history of Attijariwafa bank is closely linked to the history of the Kingdom of Morocco. Since 1904, the bank has played a decisive role in the modernisation of the financial sector, making its mark on the national economy and its industrial fabric.

With a legacy of two century-old banks and a forward-looking vision, Attijariwafa bank has, over the generations, built a relationship of trust and partnership with its clients. Always demonstrating dynamism as well as technological and commercial innovation, the bank has, across time, diversified its businesses and expertise to meet the needs of all citizens, whatever their status or social background.


The Compagnie Française de Crédit et de Banque (CFCB) opens a branch in Tangier through its Algerian subsidiary, CACB


The Banque Commerciale du Maroc (BCM) is founded with the establishment of a branch of the transatlantic bank in Tangier


CACB is developed in Morocco, becoming the Compagnie Marocaine de Crédit et de Banque (CMCB)


CMCB changes its name to Wafabank


The BCM positions itself as the “First Private Bank of the Kingdom” and opens its 100th branch


Wafabank enters the Casablanca Stock Exchange


Merger of Banque Commerciale du Maroc (BCM) and Wafabank 


The birth of Attijariwafa bank with the launch of its visual identity


Attijariwafa bank begins its international development by acquiring the Tunisian Banque du Sud, which would then become Attijari bank Tunisie


Acquisition of several subsidiaries in sub-Saharan Africa


Attijariwafa bank opens its first European banking subsidiary, Attijariwafa bank Europe, based in Paris


Attijariwafa bank launches Dar Assafaa, the leading financial institution specialising in alternative banking products


The Attijariwafa bank Group reaffirms its positioning through a new tagline: “Believe in yourself”


Attijariwafa bank acquires 100% of Barclays Bank Egypt and receives the distinction of “Fourth largest African bank” from The Banker magazine


Attijariwafa bank receives approval for the official launch of its participative bank Assafa Bank and begins its activity in 15 Moroccan cities