A message from our CEO


With more than a century behind it, Attijariwafa bank has spent the past years building a truly universal banking model. And for more than 15 years, we have expanded throughout Africa to become a leading bank on the continent.

We’ve achieved all this by cultivating our pioneering spirit and by leveraging strong historic values, as well as our constant drive to innovate and a daily commitment by our employees. Together, we work tirelessly to develop high added-value products and services, and to forge genuine bonds of trust with our valued customers.

Furthermore, we are constantly attentive to the various economic, regulatory, social and technological changes taking place. These are taken into account in our strategic plan, launched in 2017. This plan reflects the vision of the Attijariwafa bank group. And it aims to federate all our energies to build the bank of tomorrow, hence its name: “Energies 2020”.

Our key ambition is to consolidate the strengths of our universal banking model, whether in Morocco or abroad, especially in Africa, and to make the most of new digital technologies to become the leading bank for consumer relations – for all of our customers.

Finally, we are convinced that in carrying out our profession, we must be exemplary. Our social and societal responsibility policy is at the heart of our business. This allows us to conduct our business ethically and contribute to the development of a more sustainable and inclusive economy. We strive to generate a positive impact on the environment and all of our stakeholders because we strongly believe in the creation of shared value.

Our values

Five shared values define the foundation of our corporate culture. They inspire our strategic approach, permeate the ethical principles that govern our daily life, and define the identity of our bank.

These values are embodied by the men and women who work for the bank. They give meaning to their strong commitment to help us grow and serve our customers.



Participating in the development of our country



Cultivating a genuine team spirit



Working for the satisfaction of our customers



Expressing our desire to win



Acting in accordance with our code of ethics