Attijariwafa Bank Group attaches great importance to the protection of your data and strives to preserve the trust you place in it.

Within this context, we wish, through this policy, to provide more transparency into how we place, use and store cookies on your device when you consult our sites or applications and to show you the options that allow you to manage them.


A cookie is a small text file containing information, saved on the hard drive of your terminal (for instance: computer, tablet or mobile phone) when you visit an internet site thanks to your navigation software. It is transmitted by the server from an internet site to your browser. The cookie file enables its issuer to identity the terminal in which it is saved during the validity or storage period of the cookie in question. A cookie cannot link back to a physical individual.


We and our partners may be led to use different types of cookies whose purposes are described below. Some cookies (especially session cookies) are absolutely vital for the internet site to function properly. Their removal can result in browsing difficulties as well as the impossibility of subscribing on-line to our offers.

1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the site. They allow access to reserved and personal areas of our site, thanks to personal identifiers (session id cookie), setting up security measures (for instance, when requested to connect anew to a content or a service after a certain time-out period), allowing or facilitating communication for the supply of a service by electronic means expressly requested by the internet user. These cookies are suppressed as soon as you close your navigation session.

These cookies are issued and stored by the site. They have a very short life span, most of them lasting just one session, and at most one year.

2. Audience measurement cookies

These cookies collect information on the way in which visitors use an internet site, for example, the number of visits, the most-visited pages… These cookies help compile visit analysis statistics which form the basis for improving the contents of our site based on the success of this or that page among our visitors.

3. Cookies for user experience improvement

These cookies allow us and our partners to memorize your preferences and customize the contents offered to you.

They are used, for instance, to remember the preferences indicated during your visit to our site/our application and to improve your user experience.

4. Advertising cookies

The information obtained through advertising cookies is often shared with our partners through the use of third-party cookies.

These cookies allow us and our partners to offer you customized offers and services, that suit better your areas of interest.

The advertising cookies record your visit to our site/application, the pages you have visited as well as (….).


Several possibilities are open to you for the management of cookies. Any configuration that you may undertake is likely to modify your internet browsing and conditions of access to some services requiring the use of cookies.

If your share the use of your device with other persons

If your terminal is used by several persons and when the same terminal contains several web browsers, we cannot ensure with certainty that the services and advertisements for your terminal are consistent with your own use of this terminal and not that of another user.

You may at any time choose to modify your preferences regarding cookies, through the means described below.

Your browser settings

You can configure your browsing software so that cookies are saved in your terminal or, conversely, they are rejected either systematically or according to their issuer. You may also configure your browser in such a manner that the acceptance or refusal of cookies is proposed to you from time to time, before a cookie is likely to be stored in your terminal.

The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your navigator. Join us. Discover our job offers. Exchange with us Contact us. Complaints Follow us.