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Would you like to travel to the other side of the world, increase the number of business trips you take or even move abroad? At Attijariwafa bank, we support you to help you travel with peace of mind. Benefit from attractive payment and financing solutions, comprehensive assistance contracts and tools for monitoring and managing your accounts, wherever you are and for the duration of your stay.

Solutions for travelling or moving abroad

Enjoy your holidays with total peace of mind

Are you going on holiday abroad, alone or with your family? At Attijariwafa bank, we offer you a complete range of payment solutions, enabling you to pay your expenses wherever you are, with the possibility to spend your travel budget in foreign currency if you so desire. You also have access to our remote banking service, enabling you to track your accounts during your stay abroad. And to make the most of your holidays, whether in Morocco or abroad, choose our insurance and assistance plans and leave with total peace of mind.

Manage your business trips efficiently

Thanks to our solutions specifically dedicated to business trips, you can pay your travel expenses worldwide, withdraw money if necessary, and consult your accounts, wherever and whenever. At Attijariwafa bank, we can provide you with a debit card charged with a business trip allowance as well as insurance and assistance plans covering the majority of risks associated with travelling, including death and disability insurance, medical assistance, repatriation and so forth.

Make your departure and your move abroad easy with our education transfer solutions

At Attijariwafa bank, we offer you fast, efficient and advantageous solutions for your education transfers.
Thanks to our large network of foreign partners, you can receive funds rapidly after they have been transferred by your parents, enabling you to cover your daily expenses.

Our advisors at your service

The Customer Relationship Center of Attijariwafa bank is at your disposal to take care of your requests to:

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm


Pay for your travels with Crédit Express Voyage

With our Crédit Express Voyage loan, you can borrow up to 200,000 DH to pay for the trip of your dreams, while taking advantage of an attractive rate. Crédit Express Voyage enables you to choose the duration of repayments, from six to 60 months, in accordance with your budget and at your own pace, to change the duration of your loan when you want, and to repay your loan before term. Apply for your Crédit Express Voyage, receive your answer within 24 hours, and set off to discover new horizons.

Students: your bank in Morocco and in France

Are you a Moroccan student wanting to study in France? Attijariwafa bank’s Ambition Sup pack enables you to have an account in Morocco at Attijariwafa bank and an account in France at the Banque Postale. In order to access this service, you must be of age and enrolled in a higher education institution in France (public or private).

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A strong global presence

A strong global presence

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