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For 30 years, Wafasalaf has been the leading consumer credit company in Morocco. As a responsible and committed company, Wafasalaf contributes to improving the quality of life for Moroccan households by financing projects while protecting their financial capacities.

Committed to a responsible approach towards its partners, customers and employees, Wafasalaf demonstrates on a daily basis the economic and social role of its core activity. As a result, Wafasalaf stands out through its dynamic and innovative social and environmental responsibility policy, which aims to motivate each of its employees.

Within this context, Wafasalaf launched its Consumer Observatory.




of market shares at the end of 2018

315,2 million MAD

net income in 2018

Beyond simply measuring household consumption statistics, the observatory's mission is to provide information and benchmarks and to reveal trends through its annual indicators to better understand the consumer aspirations, priorities, motivations and intentions of Moroccans, and propose analysis and comments on this data, made by the observatory’s scientific committee. This innovative initiative enables Wafasalaf and its partners to improve their product and service offerings to better meet the expectations of their customers.

And, to better respond to the changing environment, in 2016 Wafasalaf also launched its 2020 medium-term plan, called Act for Best. It marks the implementation phase of the subsidiary’s strategic initiatives, which are centred around three strategic lines: using digital as a way to drive improved customer value and experience, diversifying activities and conquering new territories and, lastly, making human capital and innovation the pillars of strategic development.


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