Debating ideas and promoting intellectual output


In January 2014, in an effort to strengthen dialogue with our stakeholders, while fostering openness and intellectual curiosity, Attijariwafa bank endowed its Foundation with a ‘Publishing & Debates’ division.

By organising constructive debates on economic, social and societal issues, the Group gives a voice to thinkers of all stripes, whether economic operators, civil society actors, artists or academics. Its role is to discuss and break down all the latest news concerning the future of Morocco.



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Our creations in support of intellectual output and the debate of ideas

Through a schedule of monthly conferences titled ‘Discussions for a better understanding’, the Attijariwafa bank Foundation invites acclaimed experts and intellectuals, both Moroccan and foreign, to come hash out the latest issues. The objective: to provide unbiased insight and generate healthy debate between guests and participants.

The Foundation also organises literary meetings, hosted by the Actua art space, which are open to the public. These meetings encourage guests to discover the bank's illustrative collections and develop a taste for reading, especially the Moroccan youth. At the end of each meeting, the Foundation offers a copy of the featured book to all participants.

Originally organised in Casablanca, the ‘Discussions for better understanding’ debate conferences have been extended to other cities as well, due to growing demand expressed by regional actors. These meetings deal with national issues related to the economy, citizenship, entrepreneurship, the middle class or intangible capital.

For the sake of proximity, region-specific themes were discussed with the help of local stakeholders. As a result, the Kingdom’s major cities have hosted conferences highlighting their own economic, social and cultural potential. These regional meetings are very popular with the bank’s clientele thanks to the mobilisation of its network.

The Attijariwafa bank Foundation has implemented a monitoring system to follow the evolution of the debates, while identifying promising themes and potential speakers. Its ‘Publishing & Debates’ division leverages a network of experts and Foundation partners, as well as partnerships with universities, leading business schools and alumni associations, to develop and manage its events.

The Foundation regularly distributes conference proceedings online to participants, speakers and the general public, and publishes a yearly guide that summarises all the events throughout the year.


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