Dedicated Plans




Are you are a business operating in the agricultural or agribusiness sector wishing to benefit from a specialised, comprehensive offer adapted to the specific needs of the activities related to these sectors?

At Attijariwafa bank, we provide you with the El Kheir Plan, which includes:

  • a range of financing offers covering investment and operating needs by sector.
  • specific insurance cover by Wafa Assurance: Agro Plus multi-risk, agricultural multi-risk, environmental liability insurance, vehicle and agricultural machinery insurance, machinery equipment breakdown insurance, Wafa Prevention complementary health insurance, accident insurance, individual accident insurance, group death insurance, etc.
  • everyday banking products and services.



Does your business work in the automotive industry?

Boost your competitive edge and support your business development with Attijariwafa bank’s Automotive Plan, a comprehensive, tailor-made offer designed specifically to meet all of your needs:

  • Investment financing solutions to support your onshore and offshore projects through adapted financing, as well as support mechanisms in partnership with the Caisse Centrale de Garantie, Maroc PME and the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy.
  • Specific solutions to finance your operating needs, alleviate cash flow strain and strengthen the equilibrium of your business.
  • A range of highly efficient cash management products and services for optimal cash flow management and financial flow control.
  • The services of Attijari International bank, our offshore bank, for tailor-made support by experts from the international financial markets and the Tangier free zone.
  • A support system for non-financial services, to help you meet the challenges of growth and competitiveness through business networking, training and consulting services.



The Offshore Plan at Attijariwafa bank has been specifically designed for foreign companies based in Morocco and Moroccan companies operating in free zones. This comprehensive and tailor-made offer includes:

  • a pack of daily banking products and services offering preferential terms for your offshore account and an attractive package for your onshore account.
  • the services of our offshore bank, Attijari International bank, for tailor-made support from experts on the international financial markets.
  • preferential terms and offers for your employees.
  • insurance and assistance products for managerial peace of mind.
  • specific solutions for financing in foreign currency.



Based on a three-pronged approach involving the purchaser, the supplier and the bank, our Supply Chain Finance Plan makes it possible to meet the financing needs of MSMEs while mitigating bank counterparty risk through visibility offered by the purchaser.

Cash flow release within the supply chain is improved thanks to a combination of key factors:

  • The adoption of a market-by-market financing approach.
  • The combination of the different Attijariwafa bank products bringing cash flow throughout the order execution cycle.
  • The coordination and collaboration with the purchaser, favouring risk assessment and an appropriate hedging position.

This solution responds to timing discrepancies between physical operating flows and structural cash flows in businesses. Optimisation of these financing needs has a major impact on a company’s overall performance. Their competitive edge depends on it and the strength of the entire logistics chain around the purchaser is affected.



Do you want to invest in efficient energy solutions and optimise your energy consumption?

With Effinergie, Attijariwafa bank provides you with an integrated offer that allows you to carry out all of your projects linked to energy efficiency.

  • Financing solutions for your investments::

    - Effinergie credit enables you to optimise your investment via a set of solutions adapted to the specific nature of your projects and your business. Plus, an advice and assistance platform has been developed to provide you with support, helping your projects come to life.

    - Effinergie leasing is intended to finance your investments spanning property, industrial equipment and electric cars as part of your energy efficiency projects.

  • Financing solutions for your cash flow : to cover your operating needs and alleviate cash flow strain, Attijariwafa bank offers loans that are adapted to your business, the nature of your receivables and the payment terms that you grant your customers.
  • An international product offer : as part of your international activities related to energy efficiency, Attijariwafa bank offers you a wide range of services and instruments designed to increase your business volume, as well as access to the Trading Room and support for your international development strategy across all of the bank’s businesses, particularly in Africa.



Would you like to implement a succession process (family transfer or transfer of property) for your company or acquire a majority stake in an existing business? At Attijariwafa bank, we have developed our PLAN RELÈVE to help you ensure your business succession.

PLAN RELÈVE offers a complete package focused on financing solutions and support services tailored to all stages of your project, whether you are the transferor or buyer.

Support in the assessment of your company

In order to carry out an assessment of your company’s transferability, you are able to benefit from a subsidy allocated by our partner Maroc PME, as part of your transfer and transmission operations.

Specific financing solutions for your business acquisition projects

  • Our succession investment credit finances the acquisition of the majority of a company’s capital, the purchase by one or several shareholders or majority shareholders of a minority of a company’s capital, or the takeover of a business.
  • The Maroc PME Imtiaz Fusion-Acquisition programme supports, in particular, transactions of partial (majority) or total acquisition of companies, in the context of mergers, acquisitions or takeovers, guaranteeing the acquirer control of the target company.