An unprecedented commitment of MAD 30 billion for the support and the recovery of VSEs

VSEs and SMEs are the bedrock of our country's economy and contribute massively to job and value creation. Over the years, the Attijariwafa bank group, the leading bank for VSEs, has never ceased to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to them. Today more than ever, the Group is determined to support them in reviving their business and to be part of a smooth and rapid recovery dynamic.

This year, a significant amount of funding has been earmarked to support economic recovery. Indeed, MAD 30 billion of fresh financing will be dedicated to the support and revival of 100,000 VSEs. This unprecedented financial commitment comes with a non-financial services framework geared towards training, advisory and networking.

Thus, relying on the network of Dar Al Moukawil Centers and the platform, VSEs benefit from personalized and fully digitized support through online training and videoconference consulting, as well as business opportunities through the organization of "market days" and "sector-driven BtoB" sessions.

As for SMEs, information and awareness-raising initiatives are rolled out through the Business Webinar series on the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as expert guidance and tailor-made follow-up in the Business Center network to enable them to relaunch their business on a solid footing.

Attijariwafa bank, a committed bank