Attijariwafa Bank Foundation boosts its ties with Jamiati Ambassadors

Casablanca, January 30, 2020 - The Attijariwafa bank Foundation organized, on Friday January 24, a meeting with the representatives of its Jamiati Ambassadors community.

The ambition of the Attijariwafa bank Foundation, through this community, is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the Jamiati platform which is meant to be the reference orientation guide for students in their choice of their higher education, in order to contribute to their orientation but also to the initiation of their social and entrepreneurial commitment.

The teams of the Attijariwafa bank Foundation are pleased to have programmed this meeting within the framework of the World Education Day.

One of the key moments of this meeting was the intervention of two guest speakers, Mr. Hani El Harraq, President of the association Al Amal Initiative for Social Integration and Mr. Mehdi Kabbadj, Entrepreneur, ISCAE laureate and author of the bachelor’s guide, who were invited by the Foundation to share their experience with the students, around education and guidance.

The purpose of their intervention is to inspire the Jamiati Ambassadors in their academic orientation, in the identification of their professional project, and to make them aware of the importance of the «give back» around an active citizen engagement. The two interventions, rich in sharing, did not fail to challenge the students and stimulate a constructive debate.

Another highlight of this meeting, with a view to adding a fun atmosphere to the Jamiati focus group, was the integration of a role-playing game that is very much in vogue among young people at the moment, based on the Art of argumentation. This initiative was unanimously acclaimed by the Jamiati Ambassadors.

To date, the community of Jamiati Ambassadors includes +450 Jamiati Ambassadors from high schools and students from various public and private institutions.

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